Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She got Galley

Lovingly dedicated to J L Mulvihill who received the galley of her first novel today.

Secretly cheering you on
Sending out waves of positive thoughts
To the powers that be
They finally said yes
To your dream
A big dream
Your dream
Right before your eyes

Funny how that happens
When your wish upon a star
The impossible becomes possible
And it doesn’t matter who you are

Your dreams
Become reality
Because you believed it to fruition
You opened your mind to possibility
You gratefully loved it to creation
Now is the time
A time for celebration


J. L. Mulvihill said...

Thank you so much, that is a great poem and the second one you have written me. You are the bestes friend ever.

Helen said...

This glass art compliments the soaring, happy, encouraging spirit of your poem, Kristen...

Reflections said...

Love the excitement you share with your friend... it really shows through your words. Congrats to your friend.

Jinksy said...

I'm all for wishing on dreams - or stars!

Bee's Blog said...

'Sending out waves of positive thought' - beautifully described. This is so lovely and I think it's wonderful that you were able to interweave your best wishes, your friend's success and your happiness for her into this delightful piece.

Congratulations to you and to J L Mulvihill.