Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Optimistic Fall?

Fall it is growing on me with its beauty.
I just don't like what follows it.

I wish I could find away
To love what I don't like
even one little bit.
I am trying to change my thinking
Wrap my head around it.

How do you make something stop hurting?
It is the mind and the body both
It is no joke
Being cold to the bone
Being stuck in a cave
Not able to leave home.

How do you find the sun?
When it doesn’t even shine
For Four months
not once in all of that time.

The grass is dead and the trees are bare
My blood doesn’t flow and I ache everywhere.
I need the sun to survive everyday
Once the winter starts
 I won’t see it until May.


Jingle said...

love Fall and related poetry...
thanks for sharing..
beautiful image on top.

Lovely Annie said...

Beautiful poem...I truly relate as well.

Happy Potluck!



Shashi said...

Very true words... I enjoyed it.

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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willow said...

Oh, fall and winter are my favorite seasons!

JamieDedes said...

Oh my, I love the fall ... but I love the winder too, a great time to stay in my cave and write, write, write. When I think about it, I love all the season ... there's a beauty in each one. I'm sorry you don't like it ... but the poem is fine work.

here's another of mine if you care to visit:

Uncle Tree said...

My sentiments exactly, Kristen.
And even though the ending
gave me the shivers and the shakes,
your rhyming and timing
were as they should be -- easy.

I liked it. Good job! :) UT

ocdbloggergirl said...

Not a fan of fall or winter, spring and summer are for hope and optimism.

Reflections said...

'Being cold to the bone' and darkness for four months....

The bitterness to follow such a majestic beautiful season as autumn.

Nice write. Chilling.

Book Bird Dog said...

Yes, many of us dread the cold of winter! Nice Magpie.

A Paradise of Spring

Helen said...

You COULD move to Central Oregon where the sun shines over 300 days of the year ~ even in the depths of winter! Seriously, I can relate. I lived in MN for 24 years. Loved your Magpie.

Jinksy said...

The Earth needs Winter to gather itself together, to cope with the Spring that always follows!

Mrs.Trellis said...

Even in the midst of Winter you can feel the inventions of Spring. Your poem says so.

kathi harris said...

I feel as u do. Give me the sun!

Diane T said...

I actually like the leaves off trees for a while. At least I can see in the distance, LOL

Suz said...

Oh I'm with you
the only good thing about late fall and winter is that if we wait long enough it will be over

but it does seem ever so long

Abhilasha-The Desire said...

I completely loved it... How to love something you so much hate.. I'm totally with you on this.. how i love summer... i could never ever like winter
Great Mag

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

I hear you :)

A friend once told me that winter was the season of lace...I thought that was a beautiful way of seeing things...still, I's prefer the warmer weather

Beautiful longing, here.

Carrie Burtt said...

Kristen this is lovely and i feel the same way...give me the sunshine! :-)

Terresa said...

Great Magpie, and I have a small suggestion -- maybe consider moving to the desert? :)

Where I live, we have the sun nearly 24/7, our summer barely ended, and we're chilled at 80 degrees.

Tumblewords: said...

My sentiments exactly. Nicely done -

Kristen Haskell said...

Teresa I wanted to so very badly but I have a husband that grew up in the Palm Desert/Palm Springs area he hates the heat! So we compromise and live near my family and he gets the four seasons.

senderupwords said...

Nice write here Kristen. Full of truth...Love and Light, Sender

kathew said...

brrrrrrrrr....we just have rain and grey skies for 4 months...but our summers and Fall can make up for it! Bundle up! Get out those fuzzy socks!

Rogue said...

Being in " The Great White North " I know all about winter. And all I have to say is; winter is why God invented alcohol! hehehehehe( or as we say here in Canada; antifreeze! Cheers! Well done!

madamebutterfly said...

I enjoyed your post -

I am sorry winter is such a bad time of the year for you - I actually like the winter, it sharpens my senses - I love running in the cold - I feel as if it gives me that time I need to reflect and regather strength for the following year....

writersisland said...

Invite you to try the prompts at Writer's Island

nimaruichi said...

There's lots you can do inside a cave.... like writing poetry, for example :-)