Four abridged chapters of Framescape

Current Score Board for Nano 2011 - I am continuing on with the story. Last year I focused on the elements of fantasy and this year I am weaving those elements into the reality parts of the story. It is going rather fast because I know where I am going this year. Last year I was really working it out. Well, I still am working it out but at least this year I have a map, kind of.

My Badge of Completion for 2010

The organization that helped me to achieve a first draft of 50,000 words in under 30 days was If you desire to try to write your story sign up next November, which is National Novel Writing Month and join in the fun. It is a very supportive group and the experience was incredible.
Here is a list of the published books authored by people who took this challenge

This story has changed so much that I am afraid that the first four chapters are now completely different than what I originally posted last year. I have decided to keep them up because they are the foundation of where the story first started. It will be interesting to read the differences when I am finished.

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