Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I admire people who genuinely speak of their faith without batting an eye. I mean people whose foundation was strong in their faith and that faith carried them through the hardest of times. I admire that they can say with every fiber of their being that life exists after death and that there is an almighty creator. I am not sure about my faith.

I was raised Catholic and the tenants of Christianity are the strongest fibers of my foundation but it was in this foundation that my most painful memories come from. My mother used God as a weapon in an unloving way and when she did that it crushed my spirit and rattled my faith. Other somebodies tried in loving ways to help me but the injuries were grievous.  I am not mad at my mother because I know without certainty that she was mentally ill. I know that she prayed everyday of her life and tried to make sense of her own faith. She was one of the faithful but she was also sick. Her faith was a stone of judgment. I know that she loved me but I spent my life in constant fear of what illogical thing she would do or declare next. I had no touchstone for faith save hers but hers was scary and emotional and lacked orderly continuity. Its hard to move past that. Crazy was the normal and crazy just doesn't work for me and the God I need to believe in.

I started to think about what God I do accept and it really comes down to no ones. At least no one immortal's definition. I accept the God that I know exists every time I see a small child do something kind. Every time I see someone do something selfless and loving for another being human or otherwise. It comes down to the goodness that happens when someone is hurting and their burden is lessened by the loving replies. It comes down to love. Its the whisper in my ear and the humming in my heart when I am most peaceful.

It is love that I have faith in. It is love that carries me through my burdens as I have faced and continue to face. It is the love of my friends, my family and the people who I beg God I will see again, those that have traveled before me and those that will come after me. That is my faith and for now that is all I can do. I know that I am a Christian and I know that this is the right thing for me. So I put crazy a way for a while and I just try on something a little bit lighter with a little less judgment. In the end its all about love any way, isn't it?


Misty Perkins said...

I love this. It really does all come down to love. Everything else is secondary.

Steve E said...

Long I've known that most powerful force in Universe is...LOVE.

Since God--by definition IS ...LOVE, it leads to all directions of thinking...which in reality boil down to ONE set of thought. In the end will be love, it will be all there is...all souls joined in joy with each other. Joined in LOVE.

How that shall come about? MYSTERY (Second most powerful force???--grin!)

Jamie Dedes said...

Ditto that. Beautifully and sincerely expressed, Kristin.

What a lovely blog ...