Monday, January 28, 2013

challenges - 2013

Following all the way through is my biggest challenge. I always start out like gang busters but get to a certain point and want to do something else instead. I seem to change my focus a little too quickly. Part of this is the ADD world I live in and frequent interruptions with time suckers like Facebook, Pinterest and gaming, part is a lack of organization and part is being held accountable. Here is what I am doing to attempt to solve two of the three problems I have with follow through.

January and now all of February, my book group is taking on Orlando by Virginia Woolf. We are reading a chapter a week. This is just perfect for me. Each week we post our thoughts or questions about that chapter on Friday. This little deadline helps me to get my reading in and I actually do it. Anyone is welcome to join and we post all our discussions through Moments of Reading; A Virginia Woolf Reading Group.

Another challenge that I set for myself for 2013 is reading 26 books in the next twelve months. So far keeping track is easy with Goodreads. If you are a reader and have not used this app, I highly recommend it. It is kind of like Facebook for readers but tailored to keep track of what you are reading. It is a great place to find a recommendation for your next book, keep track of what you would like to read in the future and network with other readers. Those are just a few of the neat things that app provides.

What are your challenges and what do you do to see them through? I would love to hear from you.

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Myrna R. said...

I have so many challeges, and follow-thru is definitely among them. Unfortunately, I haven't set up a structured way to confront them. I guess lack of structure is yet another challenge. I haven't focused on reading as much as writing and I o have a vague goal to finish some things I've started. So far I haven't done a thing about it. My character flaws are huge. Thanks for this post. Take care.