Monday, January 30, 2012

A New Week

 I spent last week in a fog. For the past three weeks my brain just kind of shut down and anything I started to write did not work. I read the first two books of The Hunger Games and I am 20% through the third. I watched a lot of useless television, added somethings to Pinterest, and I searched Youtube for some customer service videos to help my husband with a project for work. Other than that, I did nothing. I talked to no one on the phone and kept the very minimum of my appointments. It wasn't depression, it was a lack of energy. So far, I am feeling a lot better this week.

Steve is off to Denver for business trip this week, home on the weekend and back again to Denver for another week of Sales Meetings. His new position is really interesting and he is happy. Getting ready for his travel took a lot of shopping and planning. Now that he is back out, I feel like I can relax. Maybe get some writing done! Oh, my biggest piece of personal news, I finished the woman in the peacock dress.

Haskell, Kristen
Peacock Dress 
Acrylic Painting

Friday, January 13, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Developing a story

Today is a perfect day to do some writing. I decided to take a break from prompt driven work because I need to depend more on my imagination and less on the imagination of others. I still have to goal of finishing a ghost story before the end of the month.

The premise of my ghost story:

Woman lets a large farm house in the south. The property comes with the caretakers. What we are not sure about is whether or not she is the ghost in the story or if the caretakers are the ghosts. It isn't until a demolition crew shows up to level that house that we find out who is alive and who is dead in this story and why they are there to begin with.

Just for fun what kind of story would you write based on the above perimeters and the photo I nabbed from google images?

I would love to read what you would do. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This is not my painting - Image from Google Images

  • To paint something inspired by the above painting.
  • To finish a short ghost story before the end of January.
  • To successfully teach jewelry classes at Creative Concepts.
  • To be mindful of my food choices.
  • To be kind even when I don't feel the love.
  • To be better at communicating with others.
  • Procrastinate a lot less.