Monday, March 5, 2012


A WIP or rather work in progress is about all I can post today. After my previous abstract, I decided to try another but this time instead of creating depth; I wanted to go for a magnified look of the crystal sparkle you see on a lake's surface on a sunny day. I am not sure I achieved it; however, it was fun to do and the colors are pleasing to me.

When I finally finish it, I will post another picture but for now here is my WIP. I would love to hear your comments, good or bad, they are all welcome. Or hold off and wait for the finished piece if you like.

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Anonymous said...

My Dear Kristen, I am loving all of your pieces of art. You make me want to start painting but I'm not sure how to get started. I wish I was there to paint with you and chat and laugh. I don't reply often but I sure am enjoying all of your beautiful works of art. Keep it up! Deborah Arnold/San Diego