Thursday, March 1, 2012


I normally work from a picture for inspiration but this piece was created from a dream I had. In the dream swirls of metal, brick, shingles, barbed wire and forsythia were being sucked up into the sky. This was a day dream or the kind of dream you have when you are awake for 36 hours. I slept about an hour total then I proceed to get my vision on the canvas. 

It was a prophetic piece. That night, after I finished all but the fine details, six tornadoes were reported in our area. It was the first of the season and another eleven followed up the next night and tomorrow we are in for additional severe weather. It is the beginning of the season. 

I hate tornadoes and what they do. I believe we are in for one heck of a season, why else would I paint the season opener?

by Kristen Haskell
8" x 10"


Vicki Lane said...

Spooky that you anticipated the tornadoes! Nice painting!

Valerie Pell said...

I love the abstract! You should experiment more like this. It has such depth!

Janet said...

Kristen, I love this painting! Beautiful on its own, and powerful when one reads the "story" behind it.

This is so different from other paintings that you have done, but I just love it. You are so talented!