Thursday, March 8, 2012

How many hobbies can one person try?

The answer to that is, as many as you can afford! I am not a DYIer but lately there are so many cute things on Pinterest, that I have to ask myself that very question. How many hobbies can I try? I am not a baker, but if I baked, I would love to make a cake like this.

 I paint so I am always looking for are a few that caught my eye on Pinterest.

Here are a few neat things for the DIYers out there!

Can't even imagine how hard this is! Better leave this for Pearl!

This is more like it! Totally do-able, heck even I could do this!

Needle and thread... anyone?

The above photos are a few of my pins. You can repin them for yourself by creating your own virtual bulletin boards. The beautiful thing about pinning is that if you click on the actual pin (not here but in Pinterest) it will take you back to the originating site. Often there are detailed instructions or basic information about the picture. 

Beware, Pinterest and pinning is addictive but it is the best on-line magazine without advertisements I know of. There are tons of categories; which, make it nice to see only the things that interest you. Happy pinning.

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Mimi Foxmorton said...

What a beautiful, beautiful place you have here!

I adore your creative eye!

Thanks so much for the visit to my Yellow Dog blog. I do so love that story! It would make for a superb audio with art!

Alas.....mayhap one day........ lol

Have a creative day!
I look forward to following your work!