Thursday, March 15, 2012

Framed Canvas - Easy Peasy

Framing a canvas is very different from framing a watercolor or poster.

It requires an open back frame, wire clips and the ability to attach a wire across the back. Rather than struggle with installing circular wire screws for the wire across the back, we just used a heavy duty stapler and stapled the wire to the back of the frame.

The wire clips are used to attach the canvas to the frame.  I purchased the clips at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 and the package includes a nice little visual instruction. It is so easy to do and literally takes seconds.Trust me nothing hard about this job.
by Kristen Haskell
11" x 14"

This abstract reminds me of the movement of water on a lake's surface. Sometimes, when I squint on a very bright day, I see almost a block pattern of sparkle when I look at actual water. However, when I look at this painting, I see a flow almost like the flow of life. You start out a kid and your responsibilities are minimal, as you age you become more concentrated, busier with more responsibilities, kind of like the center of this painting, where everything starts to over lap. Later in life things begin to slow down again and the flow is more stream like. So, water or life, you decide but this is how I see "Flow" and how it came to be. 

The frame I chose is solid black, it was $21.99 at Hobby Lobby but I purchased it for 50% off. I am pretty happy with my $12.00 frame. I think it really finishes the piece. 

by Kristen Haskell
8" x 10"

I know that I already posted a picture of this painting but I wanted to show it again in the new frame. This frame was $17.99 but once again I took advantage of the 50% off sale and out the door  it was under $10.00. 

I think the two paintings will look nice hung together.

Peacock Dress
by Kristen Haskell
16" x 20"

Again, I posted this painting when I completed it in January, unframed. I just brought it home framed from the studio, where it hung in the window for the past few months. Last week a lady inquired about purchasing it but I was not ready to let it go. This painting was such a labor of love that I need to keep it for a while. 

What if you don't want to frame a canvas?

by Kristen Haskell
16" x 20"

This painting is hanging without a frame. The sides are really incorporated into the actual painting. This is a gallery wrapped canvas and it typically remains unframed. However, it can be framed but it will be costly and requires custom framing from a professional framing or fine art store. I personally would never frame this type of canvas because the art is incorporated into the sides. I enjoy this type of canvas but it is three times more expensive that what I normally purchase. Yet, every so often the art and the artist demand it!


Vicki Lane said...

Nice job on painting the sides! I love that look.

Stafford Ray said...

If Flow is the finished version of the earlier WIP then it did work and as you say the colours are pleasing but not just to you I am sure.

Lydia said...

This woman can paint!!!!!
Beautiful work. And I am one who just really likes the unframed look.