Sunday, December 18, 2011

Old Photos

Kristen (Langley) Haskell

Jennifer (Harris) Mulvihill

Kristen (Langley) Haskell

These Photos were taken of me and my best friend Jenny in the 80s. We were 20 years old. Our friend, a photographer Gregg Curtis took them at Presidio Park in Old Town San Diego. Gregg recently posted them on Facebook, before that I had not seen these pictures in over 20 years. It is fun to look back to a time when we were not concerned about the economy, world affairs or any of the things we think about now. Our biggest issue back then was having as much fun, as often as possible. 

Youth is wasted on the young.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely then and lovely now, can you believe how time feels to creep along and then suddenly, years have gone by! We will celebrate our 25 Anniv the end of Jan and it has me feeling quite sentimental. Again great photos Kristen <3 h (aka elena)