Thursday, November 3, 2011

ten things that make me laugh - repost just for fun

#1. The costume on this cat
#2. Imagining what the owner of this cat went through getting this costume on his/her cat.
#3. The cat's obvious feelings about being in this costume.

#4. A joke my husband told me the other day. Here it is, are you ready, get ready for it...

A woman walks into her vet's office and asks her vet if her parrot is dead. The vet takes a look at the bird and says, "I am sorry but yes your parrot is dead." She unconvinced says, "Are you sure, aren't there any tests you can do just to be certain?" The vet looking at her shrugs his shoulders and say, "Wait here and I will go see what I can do." He heads back with the dead parrot and shows the bird to his Labradore Retreiver, Annie. Annie sniffs the parrot and wags her tail, confirming that it is indeed dead. So the vet heads back out to the waiting room and says, "sorry lady your bird is dead." Again unconvinced she asks, "Isn't there anything else you can do to be certain?" Getting a little frustrated he says, "sure" and then walks back and asks his cat Buster to take a look at it. Buster paws it around trying to get any signs of life and there is nothing. Buster confirms the parrot is dead. Again the vet heads out to the waiting room and tells the lady, "look I've done all I can for your parrot, your bird is dead." Finally convinced the lady says, "fine, how much do I owe you?" The vet says, "that will be $250.00." "$250.00!" exclaims the lady. The vet says, "look lady when I told you the bird was dead it was $50.00 but you wanted a lab report and a cat scan and those are each $100.00"

#5.  My brother, Jack dressed as a Helga the Beer wench for Halloween and his friend Mark grabbing his fake boob. Isn't he beautiful.

#6. This soda drinker reminds me of someone. I just cracked up when I saw this.

#7. Is it me? Or does this monkey look like the late George Burns?

#8. If you haven't seen this movie lately or if you missed it altogether, this one really makes me laugh. Remember to watch it with someone, because you don't have to hone your cone alone...

9. These people are nuts but I laughed anyway... Have to admit, it made me feel a lot better about have five pets.

The number ten thing that cracks me up is Weird Al. You gotta love him :)

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Myrna R. said...

Hah. I love what makes you laugh, 'cause I'm laughing now too.

Sounds like you're doing well Kristen, at least your sense of humor is thriving.