Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a couple of really cool blogs

Sometimes I find myself cruising around cyberspace and I stumble upon some really cool blogs. Well that is not exactly what happened here. Actually, it was a friend of mine that told me about a really wonderful blog The Pioneer Woman. Her blog is a true masterpiece and I can only hope to aspire to such greatness. 

It was the Pioneer Woman's blog that lead me to discover Dr. Brene Brown's blog and this lovely badge. Uncover, discover... A Whole Hearted You. I am going through a bit of that right now. 

Yesterday, I wrote a poem that speaks to the very essence of understand where I fit in this world.

I am still painting, writing and occasionally making jewelry. I have five pets to care for and believe me they do take a lot of work. It is daily work to keep a marriage of 16 years going especially with all the challenges of physical disability, we both face each and every moment of our time together. At times I think I am missing something in my life but really when I look deep inside myself, I know that I am blessed and wouldn't change a thing. It is my job to create, it is what I was placed on this earth to do. Right now that is all I know and for me it is good enough.


An Artist said...

Kristen, you have five pets? I didn't realize, cats and dogs? I remember your lovely doberman, what a sweetie she was! Was her name Grace?
Have you thought of posting your blog address on Facebook once a week, just a thought!
You are a brave and beautiful genuine person! Love what you are doing! ~helen

Kristen Haskell said...

Thank you Helen everytime I post something it should go on my facebook. At least I see it there. I wonder if I am the only one seeing it because no one ever seems to look at it.

Myrna R. said...

"It is my job to create..."

This is profound. We can create art, but we also create our lives and use the gifts and challenges for positive or negative. You chose positive. So glad for you.

Anonymous said...

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