Tuesday, October 25, 2011

White Mane

I happened upon it, White Mane, a film in the Netflix library for streaming videos. It was only 40 minutes and narrated. The setting is in the romantic arid coastal area known as the Carmargue, in Southern France. The 360 sq. mile area is a protected reserve since 1927 and famous for being home to the wild white stallion. In addition to the gorgeous horses that run the beach, it is also home to a breed of Carmargue bull used in Spain for bull fighting and at least 400 bird species including the greater Flamingo. 

The area is a delta where vast rivers and lakes join with the Mediterranean Sea. Its brine waters are major attractors for the Flamingo and they use the area as a breeding ground. Few people lived in the area mostly Guardians. A Guardian, according to Wikipedia, is a mounted cattle herdsman. The horses of the Carmargue are raised in semi-feral conditions by these Guardians. The area is also known for an annual pilgrimage of the Roma for the veneration of their patron Saint Sarah.

The film does not cover any of this background but it certainly does convey this in a most breathtaking way. Rather than re-write what was written about the film I chose to quote it here, “A young boy (Alain Emery) grows entranced with a magnificent wild horse in a remote part of southern France after watching the local cowboys try to break it. Sensing that the lad's motives are different, the stallion slowly lets the young rider tame him. Director Albert Lamorisse shows nature at its most raw and powerful in an unforgettable tale of trust and freedom that was honored with the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes.

I hope you will give this film a chance, it is in black and white was filmed in 1953. It is a delightful story with a rather interesting ending, that left a strong impression.


EcoGrrl said...

hmm, i wonder if i can find it online, as i just gave up my netflix...it sounds lovely...let's just say i lovvvved 'the black stallion' :)

Myrna R. said...

You make it sound so worth seeing. I'll have to find it and take the time. Thanks Kristen. (And thanks for you last comment on my blog.)

nonizamboni said...

I'm searching streaming right now! Thanks for a beautiful post.

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