Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Vision for this painting

My vision for this painting is not to copy it. I am inspired by the below painting and my progress is in the top painting. I wanted my lady to have porcelain skin and auburn hair. I think I want her hair to be mostly up (no bun) with a few curls sweeping across her back. Originally, I was not going to paint the scarf and went back and forth about that. Right now my plan is to paint the scarf. My scarf will be bigger and more translucent (hopefully) then the original. I even had a few people Facebook me and tell me that they thought I should leave the dress the way it is but I am sorry, I just can't do that. I completely intend to add the peacock feathers but I am going to study an actual feather. My dress will not likely have as many. I am also planning to use a special copper paint in the feather. I hope it turns outs. I will post a follow up picture of my painting when it is finished. Then you be the judge and tell if you like mine or the original better. 

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Reflections said...

Coming along nicely... can't wait to see how you finish it off!