Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Impasse

She exposed him as chimerical and resolute. He tried and tried to convince her of his valorous nature but eventually the pantry lay bare. The concern was all hers and hers alone.
In the beginning, he was a man with a dream and potential.
Now he was just a man with a dream and no income.
He was her man, who could not support his family.
The dream occupied all of his waking hours.
Acting on the dream wasn’t actually apart of the dream.
The income would never follow.  Every fiber of her being was certain of this.

“Cactus tastes good. “ He told her, “So do dandelion greens.”
She wrinkled her nose and thought, “this is all too bitter for me.”


The Noiseless Cuckooclock said...

a sad take.

traditionally, a man is soppused to provide for his family.

you have told the story in beautiful way,

love the charm and colors in your blog.

bodhirose said...

Excellent--really well done. I've felt those feelings--had those thoughts. Very bitter indeed.

Morning said...


Thanks for sharing.

Kay said...

I'd rather have peaches and cream than dandelions and cactus any day.

Ann LeFlore said...

this is so well done it is amazing and really excellent