Sunday, October 30, 2011

All my pens are out of ink

Magpie Tales

Many things came to mind when I saw this week's prompt for Magpie Tales and writing a small poem was fairly easy. This week I wrote two in the same post. I am in a creative flow right now. I am painting, designing jewelry, and writing up a storm. 

Don't you just love it when you can't turn it off and it just flows like a broken water pipe? I mean Jack wouldn't have chased Wendy around the Overlook with an ax, if there was something actually happening on his pages. Seclusion, can be madding but as a writer you need a fine balance of life experience and the time to write uninterrupted. Steve King in his book, On Writing, talks about the importance of keeping your writing space free from distractions. Heck some writers have to disable the internet or they don't accomplish anything. I know it is my biggest distraction, that and five pets. 

I have to thank Tess for providing such interesting prompt this week and this one was perfect because Tuesday I start  my month of writing and I will win. Fifty thousand words in thirty days, no sweat. I can't say that I am ready because I am not ready but I will be, provided I can stay off the internet for a few hours and perhaps buy a big bag of raw hide...

Poem One

Camille Claudel

ink pot dried
quill is worn
world of words 
no place to be born

the ribbon is old
the q is gone
typing this note 
never took so long

chiseled it out
on a wall of stone
awash in tears
and bloodied to the bone

our heart breaks 
with past mistakes
but heals complete 
then leaves of freed

I don't normally do rhyming but this one just popped out after watching a film about Camille Claudel. The other poem I wrote today is called exercising pain. I use this word like exorcising in the spiritual sense of removal, like exorcising a demon.

Exercising Pain

I dug a hole just deep enough 
sand buried my ankles

It was warm sand
when the tide joined me 
in came in a measure at a time

I waited bidding it adieu and farewell
before long it stayed and kissed my face
and crashed and rushed and hugged my neck

I laughed as I scrambled
like a dog digging a hole
I unburied myself

I left it all out there for the world to read
it was then that I realized 
my own tender humanity


Myrna R. said...

I envy you Kristen. So glad you're being so productive. These two are a great response to the prompt. Maybe I'll write something for it too.

(I went to Catholic School, that's why I noticed. But I think you meant exorcise not exercise unless I missed the whole point of the poem.

Take care Kristen. Keep up that writing.

Sioux said...

I too am doing NaNoWriMo. Good luck to you this next month.

Doctor FTSE said...

I can always think of stuff to write . . . till the next prompt appears. Then the dreaded Writer's Block takes over. So glad yours is going well just now.

The Gooseberry Garden said...


JessPoetics said...

I read these last night and I must say just wonderful! :)

Brian Miller said...

nice...i really like the second one...realized my own tender is playful seriousness..and i like it...

Tumblewords: said...

Wonderful October ending - good luck for November. You'll do it well!

Kathe W. said...

so wonderful poetry-and creative energy!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

I LOVE when it flows like water and you can't turn it off........

Of course, I HATE that life gets in the way of writing.........egads! :)

Loving your blogs.....looking forward to traveling through them!

Have a creative day!

Bee's Blog said...

So many things here to identify with - the internet interrupting other important things in life.

Great pieces.

Anonymous said...

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Bee's Blog said...

Can you get this crank off your page???