Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You can feel the struggle between the hot and the cooler weather. Summer is trying to hang on but autumn is pushing its way through. Oddly, school has started back and during this time the days are cut short due to extreme heat. This year it really is not normal. There hasn't been the extreme heat and humidity that we are used to for August. I was talking to a retired farmer about a week ago and I asked him, "Do you ever remember in your life, August being this cool for Springfield, Missouri?" He shook his head no and looked me square in the eye. He said, "No and I think that the Man upstairs is very disappointed in us."

I've thought about that and I wondered why he would think this anything other than a blessing. We continue to watch changes in our climate and it doesn't matter what side of the fence you are on - undeniably our climate is changing.

Morgan Langley - My brother's sweet dog. Who is not at all missing the dog days of summer!
I've pulled the plug on the news for so forgive me for not knowing the current events. I choose not to know. I can't focus my energies on all that is wrong with this world, it serves no viable purpose. Instead, I choose to be thankful for all that is right with the world. I desire to focus my energies and thoughts on sending out positive messages and focus on my foot print.

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