Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When were yours picked?

Picked today!!!

Today I made a trek over to the Well Fed Neighbor Market located at 1925 E. Bennett Street, Springfield, Missouri. I’ve talked about this market before, but because I love it so much, I am going to talk about it again. It is expanding, each week they seem to have new offerings.
Suzanne one of the partner/owners of the store has made contact with many local and organic farmers that need an outlet to sell their produce. Suzanne who holds a Ph.d. in Horticulture, is fun and engaging with her customers and suppliers alike. Her Partner, Ruell Chappell (former member of The Ozark Mountain Daredevils) is in the store most days, helping customers. Heck he has carried out more than a few watermelons to my car and always thanks me for shopping. I tell him, every time; it is I that thank you for opening a store like this. Springfield needed it! Oh sure we have a farmers market and don’t get me wrong it is great but there are days I just can’t get there in time.
I bought a lot. I always do. I shop there at least twice a week. Today, I bought two pounds of green beans that were picked this morning.  I can’t wait to eat them. As an added bonus, I also picked up bunch of Shitake mushrooms. Just as I was about to leave, two large peach cartons came in the store with their farmer and I bought a big bag of those too!

I even bought my dogs a special treat. Their eyes about popped out of their heads when they caught a whiff of the hickory smoked beef bones, I came home with. They all went to their spot in the yard and I haven’t heard a peep out of them since.

Usually they are hams for the camera but I put them under a beef bone spell! Now they think I am the greatest human being on earth.


EcoGrrl said...

ahh, i loved growing green beans but i realized even though i love growing them, i don't love them enough to eat them all the time! hence, tomato land took over :)

Juli said...

I always enjoy reading your 'blog' - what a weird name for such a fun & interesting thing to read!

Suz said...

Kristen, don't give up
shift....but keep your goal in mind....I'm cheering you on.
let us know how it is going

Suz said...

still checking on you and my ears are all open