Monday, August 1, 2011

Researching Vegetables that contain Protein

Green Protein
For my own information I am listing vegetables in their raw state and the amount of protein each has. I am getting my information from Corinne T. Netzer author of The Complete Book of Food Counts 6th edition because it is what is on my personal bookshelf and the information shouldn't change that much if at all since published in 2003. I realize there are more current editions out but we are talking about vegetables here so I am going with it. If you have more current information please feel free to comment with any updated info.

A - B

Acorn squash 15.2 oz. or 4” has 3.5 grams of protein

Alfalfa Sprouts 1 cup has 7 grams of protein

Artichoke Heart ½ cup has 3 grams of protein

Asparagus fresh 5 spears has 2 grams of protein

Avocado 1 medium (California) has 3.7 grams of protein (Florida) has 1.8 grams of protein

Banana 1 small has 1 gram of protein

Beets 2 – 2” raw has 2.6 grams of protein

Beet Greens have an additional 1.9 grams of protein

Broccoli 5 oz. has 5.0 grams of protein

Broccoli rabe 3 oz. 3.0 grams of protein

Broccoli sprouts 1 cup 2.0 grams of protein

Brussels Sprouts 2 oz. has 2.0 grams of protein

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Catfish Tales said...

No info to add, but these all look yummy, especially the artichoke which I haven't had in ages.