Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 19

It really is a journey, hour by hour and even sometimes minute by minute keeping your head on straight.  Lifestyle change is more mental than anything.  The rest of it is intuitive or a few minutes reading up on “how to”. I learned something valuable this week. Terra Chips made from root vegetables (parsnips, carrots, sweet potato, beet, and turnips) are delicious. Every ounce is one serving of vegetables. Sounds really good and you would think it all should check out okay. Yet it doesn’t and I’ll tell you why. Deep fried like potato chips and seasoned with enough salt to preserve a bucket of fish, these beauties once nutritious, fall into the same category as an honest bag of Lays potato chips.
Delicious, yes they certainly are but every serving is 150 calories and 10% of that fat calories. Now, okay it could be worked in but here’s the rub, each bag has 8 servings.  When you open the bag the vast space from the opening to where the chips actually lay inside the bag makes 8 servings seem impossible to produce from one bag. The serving size is so small and the seasoning is so addictive you might as well forget about it. So what am I doing to deal with crispy, crunchy and a hint of salt?  Don’t get all bent out of shape until you try this.

It really is delicious and you can control your salt by buying the unsalted sunflower seeds. Salt your own cucumber slices and then sprinkle the sunflower seeds on top. A few seeds go along way. I’m telling you, it is a great snack.


Unknown said...
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Rae Lynn said...

Both are good on their own, I'm sure they are great together. I'm proud of you, keep it up!

Suz said...

there is no way to replace chips
and yes, they are meant to be addictive
Your new choice of crunchy is good
I'm proud of you
But I do sense a bit of low energy
that's will pass
and you will be stronger
It is a lifestyle change for certain
new ways of living
in body mind and spirit
Yeah for you and Steve!
be a warrior