Friday, June 24, 2011

What I Learned Today

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It would be a crime to declare boredom
I mean never ever
You have squandered time
Have you the luxury of time?
Don’t sit and stare at the road block
Get out and direct traffic
Time is not to be squandered
Squandering time is depriving something
From its creation  
Birthing it later than necessary
Shout in your loudest voice
Thank you
Then mean it
There in that place
You have created
A masterpiece
Live with it for a while and be grateful it chose you
For in gratitude gifts flow in abundance


Reflections said...

Wonderful post! Always, we need to be thankful for all the precious gifts bestowed upon us.

Arts web show said...

Time is probably the most valuables of things, that's why we never have enough

EcoGrrl said...

some might be in disagreement with me but i've never gone for the 'there's never enough time' adage. we choose what to spend our time on, and simplification is, well, the simple answer. i've never felt like there's not enough time. people think they need to do everything when they don't, they think they have to have their kid in 104 activities. they think they have to say yes to everything. they think there's something wrong with setting aside time for themselves. some might call this preachy honestly? i think we need to give ourselves permission to do 'nothing'. i refuse to feel guilty about choosing to not fill my evenings and weekends. and no, i don't have kids, but i see plenty of parents who do it the way i envision it, and aren't pulling their hair out. again, it's about how you choose to look at things.

Kristen Haskell said...

I completely agree with you EcoGrrl. Every moment is as it should be and if it is not then whose fault is that?