Friday, June 17, 2011

Morning Pages

I think differently when I first wake up. An entire isle of “junk-food” thoughts are missing. What are junk-food thoughts? They are thoughts that have no value, thoughts that hold you back or thoughts that do nothing but bring negativity to your psyche. The brain has not yet had time to engage in these thoughts. Rather, my brain is not thinking as much as it is sharing with my waking self the visual clues from my sleep. There is a creative outlet there if you will allow it. Writing with pen and paper, sketching or doodling will help the flow of creativity that we are most susceptible to first thing in the morning.
If I remember my dreams and can take a minute to write them down, my writing will be more vivid.  Morning pages are helpful for every writer. I just wonder how many wake up at the last moment, scramble to get ready for the day and miss the opportunity to purge what needs to be written.

Writing is an excellent tool for releasing feelings and as the day progresses if I had the chance to write a bit, everything else that I enjoy doing painting, jewelry making or more writing seems to flow easier. If I just wake up with say conversation or television the opportunity or flow will be lost.
Journaling your thoughts and feelings is an excellent way to start your day.


Catfish Tales said...

I totally agree on that. Do you keep a journal by your bed to jot down morning thoughts and vivid dreams too? One of my dreams ended up being the catalyst for the first of my murder mystery series set in a small Irish harbour town. It was such a striking dream that I just couldn't get out of my head. You never know, do you? Cheers

Kristen Haskell said...

Yes, I always keep a journal near my bed, in my car and almost everywhere I am. You never know when a good story idea will spark. Sometimes it helps just to jot down ugly feelings too. It is kind of a purge.