Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amature Hour

This is my first painting from my beginning acrylic class. I take this class on Monday evenings at Creative Concepts by Instructor Juli Bland. The class size is small which makes for a nice relaxing class.


Anonymous said...

WOW Kristen,
If this is the beginning, I gonna flip over what the end will be. I sure wish I was out there in that class with you! You are as beautiful as your art and that's just the beginning! Lot's of love to you. Your SD sista...Deborah

Kristen Haskell said...

Thank you Deb and right back to you. I wish you were here with me too. You would love our class. Acrylic is so much easier than when you and I took Sumi painting. Gone are the days of big blobs that were supposed to look like pandas. LOL Love you!!!