Friday, May 6, 2011

When our dog becomes YOUR DOG!

Tobi Teeth Langley
The following story was actually an email that I sent my husband today. I thought it would make a good story to share. If you have a "Tobi" in your life you will appreciate this. If you don't, consider borrowing a dog before getting one. I rent mine out dirty cheap...

Your Dog Tobi was invited by Sam to go for a nice run around Chesterfield Park today. So we decided that I would take Annie and Sam would take Tobi and I would wheel twice around while Sam ran it with Tobi. Tobi wouldn't leave me. He would sit and not budge until I caught up. So needless to say, we switched dogs and that problem was solved. He barked at everyone but he was actually fine with me and kept my pace well. Annie was perfect with Sam and ran the whole time. Okay are you ready for it....

pondering future antics

 You know how sloped Chesterfield is, well with all this rain, there are puddles everywhere. I told Tobi - avoid the water and he listen and did what I asked him to do, until the very end. We were just about to load up into the van when Tobi found a puddle the whole length of his body and laid down into it. It was a mud puddle so our blond dog now has a nice layer of brown mud on his belly and legs. I have told him that dirty mud hounds belong outside and he complied until about 2:40 pm. I couldn't leave him out longer, out of consideration for our neighbors. He is dry now but he is going to need a bath. I am sorry to say.

Tobi loved bathing in the puddle and was quiet a site to see. All the moms with kids were charmed by his antics. I on the other hand was not amused and told him very loudly that he was the world worst dog. He pinned his ears back and pranced all the way to the van ignoring my expostulations.

What a face!

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Myrna R. said...

I do have a "Tobi" and I know what you mean.