Tuesday, May 24, 2011

God's Finger


My poem today really was not inspired by Banquet Scene with a Lute Player by Nicolas Tournier, 1625, but rather the storm that devastated so many lives less than 60 miles from my home. The people here in Springfield, Missouri are finding debris, family photos, x-rays, medical records and other items in their yards.

My husband's co-worker drove to Joplin to look for his friends and located one of his friends sitting where his home used to be. He lost everything including his wife and child. At that point they did not know if his wife and child were alive so they drove all over looking at one shelter after the other. It is complete chaos in Joplin. He has yet to find his family.

I dedicated this poem to all the people of Joplin.

They gather, they gossip
Outside it howls
Seconds later
They are making declarations
Of adoration
Loving one another during times
Of duress is natural
Loving one another
When you are cut off at on- ramp
Or forced to stop at a red light
Because someone was too slow
Not so easy
But do it anyway
Don’t let your last words be words
Of ill will
Let those times remind you
Patience is a virtue
Be virtuous today to your neighbor
Because tomorrow you could be huddled in a
Convenience store
Declaring your love
While the finger of
God threatens your life.


Helen said...

My dear Kristen,

Your compassion and creativity are of the immense variety.

I have many friends and a few relatives living in the Springfield area...my heart aches for everyone.

Catfish Tales said...

This video was hard to watch. Before I realised what it was I was hooked to watch on. The children are always the ones I feel sorry for, feeling so helpless and afraid, wanting so desperately to stay close to their loved ones throughout their terror. The woman crying out to God, and the man filming in the dark, wondering if he's stepping all over another beneath him he can only feel but not see.

I felt like a terrible voyeur, hoping and praying everyone would be all right. I hope your friend found his family. Is FEMA coming in to help you all? Red Cross? I live overseas but try to donate my accumulated air miles when I can. I love the Red Cross. Best of luck to you all!

Lyn said...

There is a message for us all in your very strong poem..be loving and kind at all times..let it become our true nature.

Margaret said...

My daughter and I watched the video after reading your words. I have no words to describe how we feel right now. ...the hairs on my arms stood straight up - intense, really.

Your poem says it all.

Would love to know if he found his wife and child. The family is in my prayers...

Brigid said...

Such a tragedy, my thoughts with everyone caught up with it.
Such a lovely poem from you, Kristen.

Doctor FTSE said...

A moving and heartfelt poem and video. So thoughtfully done.

Donna B said...

I can't even speak right now...my sweet Jesus...I have been watching the news and praying...

Your poem is right on...we need to remember. We need compassion. We need to be more gentle and kind with those around us. Thank you Kristin...

Everyday Goddess said...

incredibly moving, thanks for bringing it out.

Steve Isaak said...

Good-hearted, well-versed work.

Bee's Blog said...

A few seconds of nature showing her force leaving behind total devastation. Horrifying. Your poem is brutally honest and a stark reminder of what we need to be to each other at all times - not just in times of looming disaster.

You caught it so well.

I sincerely hope and pray that that man found his family alive.

Tumblewords: said...

You've written well - a terrible tragedy.

J. L. Mulvihill said...

That is very powerful.