Thursday, March 31, 2011

seeing through the dark

Telescope by Vladstudio

I try to imagine
What you are going through
I don’t live in your universe
I live in my own

I see your universe
Through the Hubble
Forced to speculate
From a great distance

What you need
What you think
Who you are

What life lessons
Changed your mind  
How you desire to live
Who you desire to be

Could our planets align?
Would you come closer?
Should you -

Become familiar to me?


Myrna R. said...

Kristen, I love this poem. You really capture the truth of relationship - do we ever really know another, can we align? Love it, really.

lightverse said...

Kristen - This poem is great. I love the idea that we are not alone. Hope springs eternal and yes, we should cultivate the relationship. Really lovely!

Stafford Ray said...

An insightful look through the telescope in which we see each other, larger than life, or from the wrong end, smaller.
Then there is always the question; whether to come closer or not bother. I think you bother.