Sunday, February 20, 2011


The Zinnia native to the Southwest region of the United States and Mexico is a flowering plant that comes in a variety of species most with gorgeous bright colors. It grows very well in containers and beds alike and is a snap to grow. 

I am not a gardener but I do love beautiful flowers and this one is super easy.  Put it in decent soil, a sunny spot, and water and that is about it for care. Each year the Zinnia makes its way to my container garden beause it is a faithful beauty. I dead-head it to keep it blooming all season. I am not talking about the Grateful Dead here but the act of removing the spent flowers from their stems. I just pinch off the flowers when they are looking a little haggared and this plant will keep blooming.

They like a well draining, rich soil but I use the moisture control Miracle Grow because it is easy and I don’t have to do a thing to it for the whole growing season in Southwest Missouri. Here in Missouri and other climates where it freezes this plant is an annual. This means it completes its lifecycle in one season and will not re-seed itself but in Southern California or other places with milder climates it will re-seed itself and come back year after year. To learn more about the Zinnia be sure to watch the video.

In the spirit of today's prompt, the beautiful photo above, here is my Haiku for another favorite the Zinnia.

My faithful Zinnia

Your magnetic colors thrill

Natural attraction


Margaret said...

...natural attraction. I like that. I had my FIRST full flower on a bush today! I'm not what it was, maybe an azalea? I don't know much about flowers.

beccagivens said...

You always take your challenge for the day in interesting and detailed directions. Delightful. Thank you for sharing ~becca~

Here is mine:

Vicki Lane said...

Zinnias are so cheerful! I have some heirloom zinnia seeds given to me that I'm looking forward to planting this year!

Someone is Special said...

Pakage, delightful Kristen :-)

Someone is Special

trisha said...

i too love zinnia. lovely tribute to a beautiful flower by a beautiful soul.


Donna B said...

Oh I loved this video!! I used to grow Zinnias, Impatients, Nastursums, Bogonias, Magnolias, Orcids, CA Poppies and all kinds of wild flowers besides all my rose bushes when I lived in CA. Now, living in Nevada...gardening is like mining, the ground is so I don't do much...I tried some Morning Glories, which flourish in CA, and during the spring, they totally covered my side fence...but as soon as Summer came, I had to really water and keep an eye on them as the summer sun is so harsh. They died out in winter. I miss gardening...but I might have to try a pot of these...