Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Springfield Snow Storm

Many states are being pounded or threatened with a pounding of snow. Right now I am looking out my (home) office window and wondering how will Springfield deal with this much snow? I have never seen anything like it. I would post pictures but I don’t even want to open my front door to take them. Well okay if you insist.
Some cities and states are used to heavy snow conditions. I have not seen any evidence that Springfield is among those ready for this.  Those cities deal with heavy snow every winter. Our local news posted a headline “National weather service says blizzard could be worst winter storm in Ozarks since 1912.”

There is a street under that somewhere 10:30 am 2/1/11

This is a picture of a live feed taken at 11:48 am 2/1/11

No one I know remembers 99 years ago. If you know someone who does, I want to meet them. How could that be relevant for 2011? What is relevant for Springfield is not going to be the same as what is relevant for Fargo, ND. We are just not used to this and I think that snow days need to be called in cases like these. Snow days should include anyone whose job doesn’t entail saving lives at least until the blizzard stops and the roads can be cleared safely. Obviously the less people on the roads the better.

James River Freeway at 11:52 2/1/11
 6 a.m. Emergency Management Update Posted by the City of Springfield, Missouri.

Overnight sleet and freezing rain has failed to accumulate on trees and utility lines in Greene County, and the Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management has received no reports of power outages.
Sleet is now transitioning into snow, and significant snow accumulation remains in the forecast.
“The snow we’ve anticipated has begun falling, and roads are quickly becoming treacherous,” said Ryan Nicholls, Director of the Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management. “It’s highly recommended to avoid travel at all costs today.”

Oh by the way this doesn't apply to the people who work at Toys-R-Us or Teletech. You guys better get to work!

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