Tuesday, February 22, 2011


When I was six months old or there abouts my parents moved from Newport, Rhode Island to Poway, California. I mention this because I feel as though this qualifies me as a native. Having lived in California most of my life I experienced a number of tremors and earthquakes. I understand all too well the distruction. I have been very fortunate to never be involved in one as tragic as the recent earthquake in New Zealand.

Today's Haiku prompt Scintillate  fit well with my piece I hope you enjoy it.

Magma Exudate
Convulsing palpitation
Sparks Earth's pulsing heart

If you can help with a monentary donation I have included the Red Cross link for New Zealand. However, I don't know much about the Red Cross and how it donations work in other countries. I just figure,I could at least add a link to try to help those out that are currently suffering.


Buddha3074 said...

I love this one!! It speaks to the Earth and its power! Wonderful!!!

lynnaima said...

earth's pulsing hearts...I like how you connected the eruption to the earth, well done :)

Nanka said...

I have been through a couple of earthquakes, though high on the richter scale it did not cause much damage then. But it was scary!!

Mike Patrick said...

Another wonderful, original comment.

trisha said...

simply fantastic, it sure fits in the theme.


Cloaked Monk (aka Terri) said...

So powerful. It is high time we remember that the earth has a pulsing heart.


beccagivens said...

Powerful tribute to Mother Earth's ways of getting our attention. Thank you for sharing, becca


Jingle said...

homely piece.
well done,

Nicole said...

Just lovely!

Lolamouse said...

very powerful! I like the picture you used as well!

Someone is Special said...

earth pulse, powerful Kristen.. Thanks for the smiles..

Someone is Special