Sunday, February 27, 2011


When I try to equate eternity I think of the sand at all the beaches around our planet. If we had to count each and every grain, to me that is as close to eternity that I could imaging, in terms that are measurable. I can’t even fathom the possible number. The video at the end is a song I have always loved and one that I grew up with. I hope you enjoy it. Tomorrow is the last day for the Haiku Challenge, this experience has been a wonderful and satisfying adventure.

No lucid measure
Ponder spirit or matter
Arcane mystery


Jingle Poetry said...

romantic thoughts when it comes to sand and beach...


Reflections said...

Love this, eternity at it best, like grains of sand, endless in their counting. I too love that song.

Suz said...

That was so nice
Eternity....that's God's domain
Nice haiku

Someone is Special said...

Loved it Kristen.. Romantic..

Someone is Special

haikulovesongs said...

amazing! all i could come up with is that we can't comprehend eternity ~ i much prefer your "Arcane mystery" and you're certainly right about The Haiku Challenge being a wonderful adventure. i love that we got to read other poets we didn't know. i'll be back to your blog often. ♥ dani

Nimue said...

Truw .. Eternity is a mystery .. And some mysteries are eternal ;)

~ Nimue