Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sharing Something Special

Last July while surfing the tide of Internet waves, I stumbled onto the blogs of Tess Kincaid  Life at Willow Manor and Magpie Tales. Since then, I find myself taking up residence a fair amount of time here. Heck, I wrote one of my very first poems and posted it on Magpie Tales and have written a new poem each week since that very first week!

What are Magpie Tales? Magpie Tales is a blog dedicated for writers to stretch their imaginations and write a poem or vignette from an inspired photo posted weekly by Tess. It is there that we can link our work, read and enjoy each other's take on the photo provided, and be part of a community of writers who comment and provide encouragement and feedback for each other.

Magpie Tales turned one this week. I felt it was fitting to share how special it really is and what it means to me personally. If you have never tried a Magpie or even blogging, it is a wonderful outlet. The other writers in the blogisphere are charming and engaging. There are times I laugh with them and times I cry with them and they do the same for me. One thing for sure, I learn from them all.

Some of my favorite writers are listed on my blog list. Go check a few of them out. There are no borders here, we are from all over the world. Read some of their comments and you will see how encouraging they can be. Friends are made this way. I may not be able to see them face to face but they are an important part of my life and I am grateful for the gifts they give me. Best of all it is a safe place to write what you feel and just be yourself.

Life at Willow Manor, who lives there? Tess Kincaid an amazing and accessible poet and writer of all things interesting and beautiful (well at least they are to me and the other 1600 plus blogger that follow her site), her talent never fails to amaze me. I am not a student of poetry or a critic but I read her work and I am better for it.

I feel something in her writing, can't put my finger on it exactly but I do know that my day would not have provided that something otherwise. She inspires me to write more, read more and learn more. Don't take my word for it go read for yourself or if you like, she will even read her poetry to you. For me that is the real treat, her voice brings her work to life. 

Currently at Willow Manor you can learn about watercolor artist Charles Burchfield (1893-1967). Tess describes his work as having a mystical quality and I certainly concur. I am particularly taken with his work Orion in December 1969.

To learn more about this painting check out  Education / American Art and
Tess' site linked above. If you love art, food and poetry I think you will really love reading more from Tess. Her talents are many and she writes with great feeling and grace. I learn so much from her. Thanks Tess for all you do to keep Magpie Tales and Life and Willow Manor engaging!


Tumblewords: said...

Nicely written tribute to Tess and Magpie Tales. It's a wonderful site, to be sure. I found it in April 2010 and it's become a big part of my writing and reading. Thanks for noting my blog in your sidebar!

Kristen Haskell said...

You are most welcome. I really enjoy your blog and I always appreciate your feedback and comments.

Tess Kincaid said...

Thank you so much, Kristen. This makes Magpie so worthwhile. You've completely made my day, dear friend. xx

Gerardine Baugh said...

What a wonderful post, I will check out magpie Tales and Willow Manor; I can see why you add Charles Burchfield's painting- just beautiful.

Vicki Lane said...

I'm another admirer of Tess and Willow Manor. I love how many folks have been inspired to write by Magpie Tales.

little hat said...

Wow! What a lovely site kristen. Photography, jewellery, wordsmith all presented beautifully. Makes me feel just good looking at. And then even better in the reading.

little hat said...

Proof reading discipline was absent in my previous comment. Forgive me. I hope you can decipherit.

Margaret said...

I feel the same way. One of my very first poems "Mother's Pearls Remembered" is still my favorite. I approach EVERY poem I write with "I can't do this" but I learn something new each time. So glad you are a part of Magpie - you have a lot of talent and a wonderful blog.

Margaret said...

LOL. Now I see that is today's prompt for the Haiku. :)