Saturday, February 19, 2011


Dinner Plate Dahlia Image Borrowed from Google Images

If you have ever planted a dahlia tuber before you will know that it is a fairly easy tuber to plant. However, if you have not planted a Dahlia I highly recommend this tuber. I am not a gardener by any means. In fact, I tend lean on the side of a black thumb but this is one plant that I was successful with and the pay off was incredible.  This spring I will be planting a few Dahlia's in containers for my deck. In previous years they did great and the flowers were gorgeous and showy. Today's Haiku is all about debris. In the spirit of taking our trash and turning it into something precious and beautiful here it is. Please be sure to watch the video at the end for helpful planting tips for my favorite dahlia.

Compostable Garbage

Undergo Metamorphosis

Dinner Plate Dahlia


ladynimue said...

Love this haiku! I should try to plant something for my terrace too .. lets see what i can find thats easy to maintain :)

Someone is Special said...

oh thanks for this..

Someone is Special

trisha said...

Dahlia's are marvelous flowers. Loved the haiku.