Friday, February 25, 2011

No More Hazy Days

Cataracts cloud clear
Precision of Incision
No more Hazy days

I was at my doctor's office  yesterday and one of my contact lenses decided to fold itself like a taco inside my eye. I struggled to get it fixed and could only tell when it wasn't back in the correct place because I couldn't see a lick without it. It got me thinking about people who suffer with cataracts and how difficult that would be. I started to wonder what they actually do to fix the problem. I found this interesting video about the methods of removing cataracts.  In the spirit of learning something new and sharing it with others, I am using today's prompt Hazy for the Haiku Challenge to demonstrate what I learned.


beccagivens said...

Yet - another interesting take on the prompt - I didn't even think of this one! I like the way you "set the stage". Thank you for sharing. Here is to clearer vision ... such a priceless gift! ~becca~

Jingle said...

unique take.

Someone is Special said...

"No more Hazy days".. Nice one Kristen.. Please visit this page for the grand Celebrations, it starts here

Someone is Special

bodhirose said...

Very creative, Kristen--I hadn't thought of our eyes as getting hazy but they sure do!

The video was interesting and informative--my mother has had this same surgery and it has worked very well for her.