Friday, January 7, 2011

The Powder Grew Back

This particular memory is not mine but one that my mom had of my youngest brother. She wrote it down on a slip of paper and named it Precious Moments with Billy. I found this slip of paper recently and decided it was worth sharing. This was in the seventies when it happened and Billy would have been about five years old.

My mother and Billy were sitting on bleachers watching my other brother Jack play a scrimmage with his Pop Warner football team. A small brown and orange butterfly fluttered over and landed on the bleachers near my brother. Billy was completely enthralled by his new friend and gently picked him up. The butterfly was more moth like and had a big eye in the tips of his wings.

Stolen from Google Images
 My mother cautioned my brother to be careful with the butterfly. He held the butterfly for quite a bit of time examining it and delighting in having it in his hands. Pretty soon he decided that he wanted to play on a nearby swing-set rather than hold his friend.

He told my mom that he wanted to set him free so he opened his hands but the butterfly did not move. He was concerned about this and looked closer. He declared, "Mom there is powder on my hands, he can't move because his powder wore off." Then he said, "that is okay, I will just wait with him until he grows new powder." So he sat and he waited and waited. Eventually the little butterfly took flight. He then told my mother, "his powder grew back quick." Then my brother was off playing.

My mother believed without reservation that this was a miracle and in some ways I guess it was. However, my five year old brother's patience was probably the real miracle.


ocdbloggergirl said...

What a super sweet story! said...

Great story..
Is that what that powder is. ahh
I always wondered why that stuff came off it wings when i trapped one that flew into my flat and it started getting aggravated.

Myrna R. said...

Thank you Kristen for sharing these sweet stories with us.

kathew said...

sweet story of a young brothers innocence.