Monday, January 3, 2011

It Was but Not Anymore

There was only one lying on the floor
It was my mother’s glove
It was, but not anymore.

A slip of paper with her handwriting
Do I keep it? I do.
A voice mail message from her to me,
Hurried and worried.
How I wished she had said, “I love you”
at the end of that message. But she didn’t.

Diet coke without caffeine,
It was the last thing she ever asked of me
I gave her a hard time about it.
I awoke to her scream, I heard it
It was, but not anymore.

Photo by Tess Kincaid


Glenn Buttkus said...

My mother died at 39,
and somehow i ended up
with this envelope of some
of her stuff, a slip of paper
with a note scrawled on it,
"Darlings, Art took me to
the hospital. Don't forget
to feed the cat. See you soon."
She never came out of that
hospital room. Cancer had
a menage-de-trio with her
and death. So your haunting
poem hits me hard, and
shakes me like an ancient
rag doll. Thanks.

Reflections said...

I too lost my mother at a young age, she 52, I was only 21. Those things, the small piece of paper, the unerased message, all have so much more meaning than just what they were intended as... for those of us left behind.

Your poem sum totals these feelings, these longings very well.

nicely done.

Helen said...

Kristen, this is incredibly moving. Losing a parent at such a young age is devastating. Your words illustrate that.

Mrs.Trellis said...

Ah, now I see why a visit to my place was needed! I'm sure I could persuade Caddoc to give you a hug to make you feel better - he is a very good hugger when the mood takes him...and when I allow!
Do feel free to drop by any time for a cup that cheers. I can recommend the Christmas Punch... if Trellissimo hasn't drunk it all by now...

Brigid said...

Such a beautiful and sad poem. It is so true, all the little traces of a person left behind.
So sorry to hear of your loss, may 2011 be kind to you.

kathew said...

what a sad poem- I lost my Mom when she was only 65....our mothers are the foundation of our lives. Well done.