Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Forcing Forsythia

Solen from Google Images

How good to eat
Exclaimed she
Isn’t it beautiful?
Would have sufficed
Mountains tower
Puff of cloud
Peridot Dales bathed until
Intensity of hue unmatched
Optimistic forsythia
Temps other species
Shed your buds
Stretch your arms
Shake the morning chill
From your limbs


Be still
Time must not be hastened
Many dreams must float first
Before your yellow lemony sunburst
Blossoms will greet me
And when those dreams have past
Always brave always first
Welcome spring
Unlocking its gates
Color Procession Begin!
Dedicated to Vicki Lane


Stafford Ray said...

Yes, Kirsten, after such a cold winter you must all be watching for the first Forsythia.
Thanks for the delightful comment. You made my morning.

Vicki Lane said...

Thank you for the dedication, Kirsten. Such a lovely poem! Yes, it always seems to me that forsythia is throwing up its arms in glad hosannas!

Jinksy said...

Time must not be hastened
Many dreams must float first

As a fellow Piscean, I believe you and I are good at floating dreams, m'dear! LOL Thanks for your comment today... said...

Beautiful poem.
It stuns me how you managed to write such an in depth poem about something so simple as a shrub/tree