Monday, January 10, 2011

A Combo Entry

Yesterday I was suppose to write my gratitude entry for the week. I never even got out of bed yesterday. I felt lousy, overly emotional and just plain tired. I was quiet all day. I had one long over due phone conversation with my neighbor and friend in the morning and than after that I vegged.

We were supposed to continue to go through my mother's things but my brother's had too much happening and we all couldn't pull it together. That was probably a blessing and that is what I am grateful for. That I allowed myself the time to just be quiet. I needed it and today I felt a lot better for it.

452 × 600 - Solitude - Anthropomorphic Echo, 1935 - oil on canvas - - 36 x 26 cm ...

A poem I found on written by James Adair.
I hope you enjoy it. Right now it is the best I could hope for.  

In The Solitude Of Prayer 

 In the solitude of prayer deep
Lost in moments in between
Weep and sleep

In the solitude of prayer
Loneliness finds a rest
Survived another test
Brings out our best

In the solitude of prayer
With nobody there
Except those far away
Reminded of their distant care

In the solitude of prayer
You pray for their smile
For their personal trial
Silently, all the while

In the solitude of prayer
Dreams seem more near
More hope than fear
Thoughts of those past those dear

In the solitude of prayer
Pray for their souls kind
Whose memory is still in your mind
And in your heart

In the solitude of prayer
Pray for your dear friends
Whose heart's you defend
As your own heart they mend

In the solitude of prayer
As for God's wisdom
And his love
As all love comes from above

In the solitude of prayer
Find grace to forgive
And to truly give
And to live

In the solitude of prayer
Recall how to dream
Of warm embraces of affection
And of love returned in your direction

In the solitude of prayer
Pray with conviction
Pray for the impossible
Without fear or restriction


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