Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday Morning 6:07 am

Saturday morning at 6:07 am my dear mother passed away from cardiac arrest. Her death was completely unexpected and Steve and I are in shock. My heart is broken and I can't possibly explain the levels of emotions that are running through my head and heart. My mother was a devout Catholic. She believed with no doubt that there is a heaven and she did everything she could to assure her spot.

Until this happened I would say that I would be lucky to have the faith of a mustard seed. Now with her gone, I am trying to find my faith again. This experience seems to be bringing me closer to faith. I want now more than ever to believe, I will see her again. I can't stop crying and in fact I don't want to stop crying. I want to cry until there are no more tears left in my body either that or just die and go and be with her but then I would miss my husband and brothers, all my other family members and friends.

Mary Margaret Beach Langley
December 20, 1944 - December 18, 2010
It is the love of my family and friends that is helping me through this. Tomorrow would be my mother's 66th birthday. I have a gift for her. She wanted me to wait and give it to her on her birthday. I wanted to give it to her early because it was a really warm pair of pajamas. It has been so cold lately and I wanted her to wear them. I could have gotten her another present to open on her birthday. She wouldn't let me give her the jams. She did not know what it was but she did not want one single gift early. A friend of hers sent her a Christmas present. I have not opened it yet. I am going to wait until Christmas. Whatever it is I plan to put it with the urn I purchased for her today.

I loved her, her name is Mary and she had a big heart.

Friday, December 17, 2010

New Things for LITM 2011 Blog Entries

  1. Small daily post for every day in 2011 separate from what I have outlined below.
  2. Monday - Small poem by another poet
  3. Tuesday - Inspirational Quote for the week
  4. Wednesday - Something Funny, Weird or Quirky 
  5. Thursday - A Poem by Me.
  6. Friday - Small Story about my Childhood
  7. Saturday - What's on the Menu for the Week ahead
  8. Sunday - A Gratitude Entry
Every year my blog seems to evolve. I never imagined I would attempt to organize it so thoroughly or go to the trouble of writing a list for it. However, I learned something about myself from my Nano experience. I need a schedule or a plan to follow. I am not sure but I think it is imperative for me to make this plan. I love writing on my blog. I crave the attention of the comments. Maybe this is not something I should admit. Oh, well I just did.

I am not sure I like Saturday's feature. I might change that. In fact, I probably will. One piece of art a week. I usually make something in a weeks time. It is not always jewelry. I like to work with paper too. Perhaps I will photograph whatever it is and write a small piece.

Well whatever I decide to do, I am planning to do things a little different. I just hope some of you will find me worthy to continue to follow or maybe even follow if you do not already. It warms my heart when you do.

Mexican Calsilica
Wrapped in 14K gold filled Wire
I made this in 2009

Winter Fae

Borrowed from Google Images

Little water sprites
Dance on winter's frozen lake.

Elegantly dressed in hollyberries
and ice crystals.

Their wings generating
just enough warmth for
their scarcely clad
fae bodies.

They dance with the
centaur, whose
filled their
dance cards,
And wait for
Spring to wake.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weight of Winter

It is four o' five
it is grey and blustery outside
I am in for a long haul
I must keep to the plan,
keep to the plan.

Bauhaus Yule

Photo by Tess Kincaid

As fragile as hewed stained glass
Interrupted by slippery steps
This awning window fails to open
Changes painful yet evolving or retreating

Aureole composed of aventurine and amberina
Plate big servings of guilt and little else
Melancholia wrapped with handmade paper and silken ribbon
Framing all the honest sentiments
Impassable sentiments. 

Where the evergreen does not adorn
Decorations do not enchant me.
Nor do material articles.
It is the loss of fellowship
Rising like Adagio for strings
burying what hurts most
for the sake of others.

Altering my season
Peace, I crave peace
but not in your
Fragile Baptistery.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For My Dear Friend

Miles and miles
Separation fills wells of dark dank liquid
And I can smell it like it will be tomorrow.


It might be frosted outside but the
Well is deep and the earth is warm.
The freeze has yet to reach its depths.
And I cry alone watching your moving man
Give you his bid.
How can I ever thank you for all the gifts you
Gave freely of yourself?

You will be missed and loved always.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dog Sweaters and Hot Toddies

Do dogs really need sweaters?
Do they feel the cold like everyone else?
I think they do.  
Are these sweaters worth a hoot?
No not as far as warmth is concerned.
However, they provide entertainment.

It is funny to watch them wear their sweaters.
They prance around in them like they are going to participate
in Halloween, a masquerade or a parade. 
The leader of my personal pack,
Tobi is the biggest ham bone in his sweater.
He looks like a hound at a ski lodge,
sipping a hot toddy and picking up on the girls.

Speaking of a Hot Toddy,
I am having a sweet one right this very moment.
I added a shot of Amaretto to my hot cocoa
a little whip and sprinkle of cinnamon.
Warning: Must have a sweet tooth for this one!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My take on Orlando by Virginia Woolf

Artiste denied
Bluest blood did flow through his veins
Twice Broken
Once abandoned by love
Once his art ridiculed by snobbery
He ascends into himself
Due by the cruelty of others.

She appeared with party by sled
Traversing a frozen sea
Leaving her Russian land
and northern tongue.
A vision dressed in Oyster colored velvet
and greenish colored fur
Blush cheeks and darkest eyes
Strange stunning features
Striking cupid's arrow 
Sincere her gregarious personality
Enchanted and delighted was he
As she mimicked the howl
Not once but three times of
Her hounds left behind.
She virtuous,
Unlike those that pursued him,
Stuffy and confined,
Looking only to crudely secure
his noble purse.

Sasha and he,
Shared one common tongue
Shared by no other
Within their retinue
 Their intimacy would bind them
And capture did she,
His fickle heart completely.
A deal was struck by and between
To meet in secret perhaps to bed or wed.

A few hours was all that separated them... 

The signal came and without warning
Ice pack sudden and irreversible crack
No time to cement a decision to stay
perhaps their love unseasoned?
Back to her sled
swiftly moving, no goodbye said.
Fleeing in the dark,
him left behind
Sasha broke Orlando’s heart.

The flood gates did open
Furniture and fortunes flow the Thames
The swollen river now lake
claimed all the lower levels
water gushed straight from the devil himself 
Did not borrow from its victims
All the life it did take
Those that survive the loss they weep  
Tears bob like crystal ice burgs
Some small but his steep.

Well past the witching hour
Quill after quill
with ink pot to spare
page after page
He did fill

Part II will continue with Nick Greene and will be posted at a later time.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 7th and Every Other Day of War

Image borrowed from Google Images
U.S.S. Arizona
December 7, 1941

I wasn’t alive when you died
Now craggy and rusted in the bay’s bottom
The locker of soul’s linger there
If you stop and listen you can hear
2,400 Heartbeats of that kill
The sleeping giant awoke with anger
Retaliatory tear drops spilt more blood
Did we not yearn for peace?
Must we do this time and time again?

Why not honor them with Stillness.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Beautiful Photo by Tess Kincaid


Some are closed forever
Some can be pried open
Some need oil and a crow bar
Some need to be unlocked
Some need the handle turned and a nudge
Some open with ease
Some open at the sight of you
Some open to please
And some are always open

Closing a Door
Will she cry a thousand tears?
She manifests her worst fears
Jettison those who trusted
Swiftly her deceit lingers still
Chasing after her lies
Is it exhausting or
Does it give her a thrill?

 Questioning a Door
Why open this door
The responsibility
You choose to ignore?

Opening a Door
Perigee  - Our worlds could not be
Perdition keeps your door iced
Closed up tight
Stony habitual silence
Cross sections hack at fractured thoughts
Layers hundreds deep your crinoline
Oil the hinges
Dust the snow from your steps
Allow entry you’ve been closed up tight long enough
Open and display that beacon of kindness.