Thursday, December 2, 2010


Beautiful Photo by Tess Kincaid


Some are closed forever
Some can be pried open
Some need oil and a crow bar
Some need to be unlocked
Some need the handle turned and a nudge
Some open with ease
Some open at the sight of you
Some open to please
And some are always open

Closing a Door
Will she cry a thousand tears?
She manifests her worst fears
Jettison those who trusted
Swiftly her deceit lingers still
Chasing after her lies
Is it exhausting or
Does it give her a thrill?

 Questioning a Door
Why open this door
The responsibility
You choose to ignore?

Opening a Door
Perigee  - Our worlds could not be
Perdition keeps your door iced
Closed up tight
Stony habitual silence
Cross sections hack at fractured thoughts
Layers hundreds deep your crinoline
Oil the hinges
Dust the snow from your steps
Allow entry you’ve been closed up tight long enough
Open and display that beacon of kindness.


Jinksy said...

Dust the snow from your steps

This is certainly something we need to do tday where I live! LOL :)

ocdbloggergirl said...

Openning Doors was my fav. Really loved the unusual wording.

Daigu said...

Yes I see what you mean. :)
But it's interesting to see something of your work process.
And I agree with the previous speaker: I like Openning doors best.

thingy said...

Really nice works.

Lyn said...

Such an interesting grouping..To open, but sometimes necessary to close! Well done..

kaykuala said...

Couldn't imagine so many thoughts relating to doors plus even a haiku in between. Brilliant thoughts!

kathew said...

Dust the snow from your steps
Allow entry you’ve been closed up tight long enough
Open and display that beacon of kindness.
Great wrtiting Kristen!

Suz said...

door #4?

Brian Miller said...

the doors we close allow us to open others...

Vicki Munn said...

that was really wonderful, all of your poems. i would have never come up with anything like this...just by looking at a door picture. you really did use the prompt beautifully i think!

Pauline said...

loved the first one - who knew there were all those versions of doors!

Myrna R. said...

Wow. What a creative response to the prompt. I also like "Opening Doors" the best. But the others are very good too.

Vicki Lane said...

Nice poems! Doors are such powerful images.

signed...bkm said...

a door - it is an amazing symbol...that can take, life, emotion, opporunities and love giving it and taking it away...all with the opening and closing of a single thought a lot about it all here....bkm

Margaret Bednar said...

Doors can welcome, doors can strike fear. Opening usually means happiness, Closing, some regret or sadness. I don't think I have ever REALLY given them any thought until this challenge. :) You really spent time thinking about them! Great job.

Gabriela Abalo said...

"Dust the snow from your steps. Allow entry you’ve been closed up tight long enough"... so true, it is time to open up ;)

love your creativity

cheers :)

Words A Day said...

Love that line in your first poem! "some open at the sight of you" -
Enjoyed your take on this prompt and the fact that you gave us four magpies for the price of one:)

Sue J said...

An interesting series of thoughts on doors. Nice Magpie.

Claudia said...

i liked that you focused on the door - most people didn't by what i read so far - even if it would be the most obvious...enjoyed all of them

Catfish Tales said...

What a pleasure to meet another Piscean, and how clever a twist you've given this photo play with your varying ways of handling a door. :)

izzy said...

There is so much room to move around in the first part and have a look at the crow bar- feel the nudge, the surprise,
pleasure- I really like the flow of it too ! Thanks -and thanks for visiting!

Glenn Buttkus said...

So many Doors in motion
that my cortex began to
blur, and one loses their
grasp, their focus, doors
as portals in meditation,
symbols of emotion and
perception, works of art,
analogous with everything
from celibacy to lust, from
being taciturn to being verbose;
find quad of poetics; a great
read and magnificent magpie.

Angie Muresan said...

I like them all, but if I had to choose, I'd choose Opening Doors.

Brigid said...

Creative take on the prompt and great Magpies.

Katherine said...

I enjoyed all of your poems for Magpie. Doors are so symbolic of many events in life and I tend to lean towards opened doors myself. Very nice!

JeffScape said...

Oh, yeah... lots of doors. Now I understand your comment completely. Like minds!

Rae said...

Lovely, your poems get better all the time.

ninotaziz said...

Dear Kristen,

I love opening doors. What lies behind are great mysteries to be uncovered.

And yet sometimes we need to walk away - without carrying excessie baggage. Yes - only by closing doors firmly we can be free.

Thanks Kristen! It was a lovely lovely visit!

Catherine said...

Nice grouping of poems. Liked the first one the best!

nimaruichi said...

Open and display that beacon of kindness...
Wise words; we can learn a lot from the door. :)

nimaruichi said...

Open and display that beacon of kindness...
Wise words; we can learn a lot from the door. :)

Amanda Moore said...

We all come across so many doors in our lives. Your poem is very prophetic I guess we all need to learn how to face the doors in our lives.

Tumblewords: said...

What a lovely stop on this snowbound day. Love the read...

Betcha said...

Whispering thoughts of those closed doors allows new doors to open ,though doors really never close properly ,as the loving heart beat of each other ,seems to be keeping the door from closing .

kavisionz said...

Ohh.. this is great! I really liked the way you focused on the door in so many ways..each with its own significance!
Really enjoyed the wordplay .. very effective and thought provoking..

Tess Kincaid said...

Thought provoking little pieces. My favorite line? "Some open at the sight of you". Lovely.

Carrie Burtt said...

A wonderful take on the prompt much truth and so thought provoking! :-)

girldaydreaming said...

i do adore the myriad of possibilities a simple door brings in your poetry... beautiful writing.