Monday, December 13, 2010

Dog Sweaters and Hot Toddies

Do dogs really need sweaters?
Do they feel the cold like everyone else?
I think they do.  
Are these sweaters worth a hoot?
No not as far as warmth is concerned.
However, they provide entertainment.

It is funny to watch them wear their sweaters.
They prance around in them like they are going to participate
in Halloween, a masquerade or a parade. 
The leader of my personal pack,
Tobi is the biggest ham bone in his sweater.
He looks like a hound at a ski lodge,
sipping a hot toddy and picking up on the girls.

Speaking of a Hot Toddy,
I am having a sweet one right this very moment.
I added a shot of Amaretto to my hot cocoa
a little whip and sprinkle of cinnamon.
Warning: Must have a sweet tooth for this one!


Vicki Lane said...

They do look proud!

I once put a sweater on my smallest dog and he fell on his side and refused to move till I took it off him.

lynnaima said...

lol, they look quite regal actually lol, nice funny piece lol Thanks :)

Ann said...

The dogs look adorable and the hot toddy looks delicious. I want one!

Tootsie said...

How cute :) I think the sweaters are adorable on dogs

Reflections said...

I do think sweaters work for some dogs. As a kid, we had a dog who hated them all... even the little booties I made so her paws would not freeze in the snow. Was a hoot watching her fight with it all.

Myrna R. said...

The dogs are so cute.
I have no problem with my sweet tooth. Your drink looks yummy. said...

Beautiful dog. Thanks for posting the photo.

Enjoy your toddies! :-)

Jamie Dedes

Jingle said...

cute dog,
cute words..
perfect pastime entry....


Rabbit said...

I rather like the sweaters. I am on the hunt for some for my Winston (because he actually does get cold and shivers all the time) but the options for dachshunds are rather limited it seems. I don't want him looking stupid or anything....