Saturday, November 6, 2010

WriMos meet at Hebrew Coffee

I went to my first four hour write-in and I was without a doubt the oldest person there. However, I never really felt that old except that I am undereducated on current pop culture, internet acronyms and I don’t belong to either the Slytherin or Gryffindor houses.  I learned a song that has IRC in the lyric. I have chatted before but I really had no idea what that stood for. I immediately had to look that one up. I was exposed to a webcom called Ensign Sue Must Die and I laughed hysterically at all the funny posts they read aloud.

The younger adults that I spent four hours with today, enlightened me and accepted me into their WriMo group. I realized that I was easily their parent's age but it really did not seem to matter to them at all. It did not matter to me in the least, as I view it the same as making friends from different cultures. There is always a learning curve. I was exposed and am learning about another culture, "the growing up on the Internet culture." It has its own language, its own style and mannerisms.

We all use it the Internet but we use it as a tool this is more of a life staple for these folks. It's just something people in their forties and fifties never experienced. Hell most of us did not even have a VCR growing up and as really little kids cable was just being introduced.

They were more than anxious to share the things we grew up with that they have since parodied. Like the Ferris Bueller button and not the one you pin a shirt but one that you can push and it spews off a quote from the movie. My favorite of course is Ben Stein saying, "Bueller,              Bueller,              Bueller?" 

They are a lively, creative and fun group of people and I look forward to creating with and learning from them.
We are schedule for the next write-in at the Library Center not far from where I live. The best thing about the group was that I actually got some writing done and was given a really excellent quote (actual quote I underlined) for one of my characters to say. The quote was too funny, I forget where it came from (another webcom) but everyone including me enjoyed it.
A little excerpt from my story that got us all rolling…

His arms were around my waist and he pulled me in closer to him. He kissed me first and I responded like I had never been kissed by anyone. His breath was clean. His tongue engaged mine and we were deeply, ardently, increasingly building the rise between us. I started to rip away his clothes, starting with his shirt and he followed my lead but when we were standing in front of each other naked we were anatomically incompatible. I was confused everything about him from the outside mirrored a normal human body but the package underneath was alien.
 He looked at my tits and said, “They are like two suicide notes stuffed into a glitter bra.”

Just in case you are wondering, my story is not a romance but there are a few scenes that fall into that category.  It is a Sci-Fi, Fantasy. But where would be without a little love interest?
One other cool thing that I learned was about
You can make word clouds with your writing.  It’s just another fun tool to help out during those moments when you have no choice but to give in to a little procrastination.


ocdbloggergirl said...

Wish I could do that with you!
Your story sounds like it's going to be really fun.

Myrna R. said...

Kristen, your story sounds really good. I'm inspired by your nanowrimo writing, but also by your courage to be with the younger crowd.

I cheer you on!!!

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fabulous story.

Jingle Poetry said...

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