Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NaNo NaNu?

My brain is officially fried after today's writing session. I logged in with 2591 words written today. I keep tabs on my other NaNoWriMos buddies and some are amazing with their counts. I read in one of the procrastination stations that one of them wrote 13,000 words in a single day.

The look on Jeff Spicoli's face perfectly shows how I felt upon reading that. How is that even possible? Next question what was that writer on?

What comes to mind is the quote from 1982's teenage wasteland film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, "That is my skull! I am so wasted!" Don't misunderstand me, I am not into illegal drugs but after today that quote seems to fit me to a tee.                                            

I fear that if I write anything else today it will be a waste and I will just end up having to fix it like a D +  (dork)

Which reminds me of Mork from Ork (can you see where this is going? It is not good.)

If you do not know who that is you are fairly young by no fault of your own. If you do, you are at least close to my age. He was the first being to NaNo that I know of but he spelled it a little differently he said, "NaNu NaNu"

Okay I am finished! Here is today's final NaNo word count 

I'm pooped!


Jingle Poetry said...

away too cool.

Jingle Poetry said...

Welcome to our potluck week 10, a poetry award is assigned upon submission.
Old poems are welcome …hurry up, you have 11 hours to go before we are closed.
Hope to see you there. Cheers!

artswebshow.com said...

You're doing well on your final count.
Still 12 days to go.
Ah, lol. still a lonnnnnnng way to go.
he he

signed...bkm said...

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Kristen....bkm