Friday, November 5, 2010

Hobo Bag


either way

My hobo bag is packed
but there is no train headed south,
It derailed in the plains,
where winter opens its
frigid mouth.

© 2010 Kristen Haskell


Jinksy said...

I have a horror of handbags - pockets are my saving grace - but I think I could live with a Hobo Bag! lol :) said...

Hi, I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoyed reading your blog and all the lovely comments you leave on mine. I so look forward to your encouraging words. I try to be a good blogger and reply and post on others blogs, but I have rather limited online computer time.
Much love,
Write away, my friend!

Jingle said...

love these bags, they look cute. said...

Clever! And look at you! You are NaNo-ing and blogging and writing poems ... Oh my!

Have you given yourself a pat on the back yet?


nimaruichi said...

Any bag will do, I am more interested in what it contains :)(The derailed train will get back on track soon, it always does.)

kavisionz said...

YEOW!!! (shivering)
I think I can safely say that I really enjoy your creativity!! Keeps my senses alive and kicking!! :)