Tuesday, October 5, 2010


There were books
With words that meant something
They provoked a response.
Some liked what they said
And some didn’t.
Some liked what they felt
And some didn’t.

When they read the words,
Some were challenged,
Made to examine things another way.
They were happy,
That someone took the time,
To write the words.

There were others
Who labeled the words evil.
And felt that no one should, could or would,
Benefit from reading those words.
Those bad words meant something,
Challenging their beliefs.
For some this was very bad,
For others it was celebrated.

They took the word belief
And made it real,
Real for themselves,
And real for others.
And what must be real for themselves
Surely is real for everyone else too.

Some burned the words
They hoped they could remove them permanently
Only they could not
The words had already been read
Already been thought
And those words became real,
To at least one reader.

The air carried the words from village to village
Did you hear about those bad words?
They burned them.
Why did they burn them?
They just caused too much trouble,
Those words.
No one can agree whether they
Are good or bad.

Some said, we must drown what is different.
We must take the book
Soak it in water
Make a new pulp
Rewrite the words
So everyone can agree.
So all can follow it to the letter.
They just couldn’t agree
What those words
Should be.
So they still fight over those words
Thousands of years later
And still they fight.
They evolved into
Lethal fighting machines
Over those words.
Eventually they gave up trying.
Eventually there was no need for words.
No one was left to read them.


Jingle said...

insightful view about WORDS...
I love words and words related poem.
well done!

Jingle said...

Thanks for linking up with poetry potluck!
Happy Tuesday!

J. L. Mulvihill said...

How profound.

ocdbloggergirl said...

So true about censorship

woih said...

This is absolutely, completely a wonderful writing and thought, delivered perfectly!

If you want me to express my appreciation for your work here differently, just let me know and I can reword it a way you feel comfortable with..HA!

Burn the veils!

Kristen Haskell said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I took a lot of time working out this piece. It really means a lot to me growing up with one parent who censured everything and the other censuring nothing at all! Imagine how confusing that was for a kid!

Shashi said...

Very thought provoking and insightful... I enjoyed it.

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Om Namah Shivaya
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Harshika said...


second : lovely poem :)