Saturday, October 9, 2010

Perfect Poet Award for Week 30 - My Acceptance

The community is vast
it spans the world over
The found friends
sealed by their words,
their kindness
A common thread connects us
binds us to the idea of peace
we are not interested in hateful things
but in our words and the beauty they bring.

I write this short piece as my acceptance of The Perfect Poet Award for week 30. It is dedicated to you dear reader. I am grateful to all those that read and commented on my words. Your acceptance and support mean the world to me.

I nominated the following link. I could easily have nominated so many others as there are wonderful writers out there but this man takes the prize for me this week. If you have not viewed his performance and poem please take a moment. I don't think you will be sorry you did.


Jingle said...

perfect post for a perfect poet,
well deserved award .Thanks for the fabulous participation!

Bing (PinkLady) said...

congratulations for the much deserved poetry award. your poem is lovely! :)

Myrna R. said...

Congratulations Kristen. You deserve the recognition.

Kristen Haskell said...

Thank you all for your kind support!

Jingle said...

awards for you.
keep them or share, up to you.

Jingle said...

welcome to our potluck!
Thanks for the support,
Happy Tuesday!

Lu Ann said...

Congratulations. You really write awesome! How could have you not won?!!! said...

Ah excellent. you found it.
Congrats on the award.
Well earned