Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Learn to be Happy

Disenfranchised, barriers abound
Legs that run on two batteries.
Entrances blocked by three inches of brick.
Tables too close together.
Vehicles priced for the rich.
Wages lost.

I walked on the sand
It Soothed my broken heart
With the sound of the waves
Ebbing and flowing.
The negative ions
Pumping my body with
Positive ions.
Feeling peace in my solitude.
Until I couldn’t walk anymore.

But I fell many times
Did I give up too soon?
What scared me more?

Flailing on the ocean floor,
I did that once.
I almost drowned
But for the
Kindness of a stranger
To right me
When I was unable to right myself.

Or just being seen differently.
Just being pointed at and stared at.
Privacy invaded by strangers with questions.
What was it like when they told you.
Would you believe it was the second worst day,
Of my life?
Only the second what was the first?

Hiding my anxiety with a smile,
Being told you are not quite like the others
Sorry we can’t fix you.
Learn to be happy.
You will have no progeny
Learn to be happy.
Put lipstick on.
It is better that you don’t pass this on
Your pool is askew.
Your brain it is okay but the rest of you
Well what can we say about the rest of you?

Don’t get mad at the resentment you
Build in those closest to you.
Don’t be upset when it burns
Or pinches or aches or cries.
That is all normal,
Learn to be happy
That is your life.


Myrna R. said...

Your poem is sad and sensitive. I read it twice and felt the pain.

ocdbloggergirl said...

It was a beautiful poem of despair.

Jingle said...

I would be happy to be happy,
thanks for sharing!

senderupwords said...

This is a tragically beautiful piece. Love and Light, Sender

Jingle said...

the perfect poet award for you...

Jim Swindle said...

This is a powerful piece.