Monday, October 25, 2010

Framescape Part Three is UP!

Part Three of Framescape is up

I have dedicated an entire Blog to my new story Framescape. I hope that if you enjoy it you will tell your friends and even perhaps follow along. Your comments are always welcome as they are gifts to me, as is the time you take to read what I have written.

To join in the journey of Cassie Evans just click here.

In case you are not sure about this episode here are a few morsels hopefully to tempt you.

~From Episode One~

I wasn’t sure what happened to me. The last thing I remember, I was driving home from Branson. The grey dusk turned a threatening thick charcoal right before my eyes. In the distance there were wisps of smoke surrounded by endless miles of Shagbark Hickory, Black Walnut, Sugar Maple and just about a half dozen or more varieties of cedar. My steep mountain view was shrouded in dense moist air, the pressure dropped and my ears popped.

~From Episode Two~

Someone was yelling to me off in the distance, “Stay with me come on stay with me!” The voice was becoming clearer and it got louder and felt closer to me. I felt that rush of pain again. The hall with the wooden door was fading in and out of existence like a strobe light. I could see myself drifting toward the voice and the pain but I was frantic not to go in that direction. I could feel throbbing, my head wanted to explode, my hallway was fading fast.  I turned away from the sound. I felt that if I ran back away from it I would hear the revelry again. I was right I could hear it up ahead. I kept running and I was right back at that magnificent door.  Only this time it was opened and I entered.

~From Episode Three~

The space around me is a tunnel of dark matter. I feel like I am floating in a gel like substance, my spirit distal in relation to my broken body. Like a rubber ball attached to a paddle, I was snapping back and forth between my sleeping form and my transcendental self. I could hear unrecognizable voices. They seemed to be trying to figure out who I was.  In the next moment someone was playing a harp and singing for the revelers. I heard someone say my name, “Cassie Evans, the police located her driver’s license. Her name is Cassie Evans.” The voices started to fade again back to the music. I just couldn’t seem to stay in one place long enough. 

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Myrna R. said...

Okay, I'll follow Casie Evans. Good idea to set up a separate space for her.

Reflections said...

Your morsels are very enticing... I will be back for more.