Monday, October 11, 2010

Five Hatshepsut Haikus

Hatshepsut: Metropolitan Museum of Art


Golden empire
Unimaginable wealth
Story to reclaim

Hetshepsut's Terraced Temple


Royal Lineage
Thutmose I and Aahmes
Her two brothers died

The Royal Lineage

Fifteen- eight B C
Foremost of Noble Ladies
Fourteen fifty eight

Very First Female Pharaoh

A Stippled Stone Bust
Man’s ambition in female form
Pharaoh Transgendered
Hatshepsut changes her name

She became King Hatshapsu

Five ships bear her name
A most prolific builder
Fifteen years she ruled

One of Hatshepsut's Ship Travel to the Land of Punt

Hatshepsut's Obelisk in Luxor, Egypt

Hatshepsut's Mummy

Photos were obtained from Google Images


willow said...

Excellent haikus! Fascinating post.

Jingle said...

super breath taking Haiku.

Myrna R. said...

Wow! Not only are the haikus wonderful, but you taught me something.

Great job,Kristen.

Templeton's fury said...

I just taught ancient Egypt in my World History class...they were fascinated by her, as much as i was...but i had not ever seen the picture of her mummified...very moving...

RNSANE said...

This was so incredible. Wonderful haikus and I loved the photography and the visit to Egyptian antiquities.

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Rogue said...

This was really different Kristin! I absolutely loved it!

dhitzunako said...

Cool, Kristen. Cool. d^^b
History unfold by nice haikus.

ninotaziz said...

Excellent Kristen. You did justice to Hatsheput. Maybe a reference to the season would help give a time and place. You know how these haikus are...always a question of time...