Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Dream I had about my Dad

This was a poem I wrote several years ago about my dad. I saw my dad today after 29 years. The excavation process has begun and as a result my cup runneth over. I love you dad. Thank you for visiting. I can rest easy now. No matter what happens now I can rest easy. 

Bas Relief Terra Cotta by the late Georges Jeanclos

Spiraling, ascending heaven bound
Hovering briefly above my earth’s gravity
Avoiding the annoyance of medical personnel
In hot pursuit
Blending into the concrete bas relief
Escaping notice momentarily
The edge of my garment ,
made from the silken fibers not of this world,
reveals my position.
All trying to take me back to the restraints
I’ve escaped from.
The trap set to hinder my freedom
Its metal hinges disguised by many forms
Organic mostly
Me sneaking into open windows
Blending into the darkness of an impoverished room
Or singing in the halls of great cathedrals
Or spinning around the trees avoiding
Militant robotic mechanisms designed for combat
Leaving “the you”
The one that flayed my skin from my bone
and discarded all the flesh between
And looking, searching for “the you” buried by
Sedimentary rock
one that feels
Something good towards me.
Desiring nothing more than excavating
That person that I know exists
before our spirits are separated forever.

The love that I know is there.


Dr. Madan Goyal said...

Great Piece.
All heavenly desires
beyond even gravity of earth
Silk not from this earth,
But dear Kristen
our imaginations, visualisations desires, expressions, words, emotions are all from this world.
A great mix of the two worlds.

Vicki Lane said...

A wonderful interpretation of the artwork. I really liked this one!

lynnaima said...

I like, caught between two worlds, nicely portrayed! Thanks

Jingle Poetry said...

that's sweet..
Glad to see you in.
I always admire your talent.
keep rocking.


fiveloaf said...

lovely poem if i may say! mine's here-

Jingle said...

best wishes...

Award/Treats 4 Poetic Friends of Jingle, Happy Thursday!

Reflections said...

Powerful depths explorerd here. Beautifully amazing images. Well done.